4 Reasons Why Philadelphia Performers Need Entertainer Insurance

Performing artists represent a unique group of professionals who frequently work in unpredictable environments, with varying degrees of risks ranging from property damage to personal injuries. These individuals often work on a freelance basis, which means they are not protected by a larger entity in the event that an accident occurs on the job. This is exactly why entertainer insurance exists in Philadelphia, as this type of policy protects the performer and provides coverage for any harm to others or their property. At VillaNOVA Insurance Partners, we are committed to providing coverage that is tailored to each of our clients’ unique needs.

The following is a list of reasons why our insurance brokers believe that all performers in Philadelphia should seek out entertainer insurance:

Legitimize your service

The entertainment industry is extremely competitive, which means performers should do everything they can to legitimize themselves before approaching potential venues or agents. Whether you are a musician, model or public speaker, providing evidence of entertainer insurance will give all parties peace of mind as you will not be considered a liability. Having an insurance policy also shows that you take your work seriously as a performing artist and have plans to continue working on your craft long-term. This could be attractive to major venues in Philadelphia that are looking for entertainers to return for repeat performances.

Avoid unexpected costs

One of the most obvious reasons to invest in any type of insurance policy is that you will have the financial coverage you need to manage various unexpected expenses. Entertainers often face large crowds and work with dangerous equipment in unfamiliar environments, which poses a major financial risk. For example, if a performer is hospitalized following an acrobatic show, sufficient medical care could cost thousands of dollars without a good insurance policy. Similarly, if a magician accidentally sets something on fire during a performance, the damage could wreak havoc on the entire facility. For this reason, we advise all performers to give themselves peace of mind by looking into insurance options.

More professional opportunities

If you have been working as a performer for a long time, you have probably been turned down by a few venues simply because you could not provide proof of insurance. If you have the talent and training to advance in your career, it would be a shame if a lack of coverage was the only thing stopping you from moving forward. Entertainer insurance could be the key to creating new career opportunities and becoming a more established performing artist.

Protect your audience

All entertainers share one thing in common; that is, the intention to give their audience a great experience. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as anything can happen during a live performance. From microphones landing on the heads of audience members to a model falling off stage and into a crowd of spectators, our partners at VillaNOVA have seen it all. If the performer is not covered under a comprehensive insurance policy, they may not have the means to cover such third-party damages. On that account, entertainer insurance is a great way to ensure your audience is protected so that you can focus on giving a memorable performance.

Protect your craft with VillaNOVA Insurance

At VillaNOVA Insurance Partners, we want to see you succeed. Pursuing a career as a performing artist entails many financial and physical risks, which is why it is essential to seek out an entertainer insurance policy that addresses your needs. Our team works with a wide variety of performers in Philadelphia, including hip-hop artists, dancers and more. Contact us today to find out more about our options for entertainer insurance.