Top advantages of having lesser-known insurance products

Everyone knows they need some insurance products, such as health, home, and life. Insurance is protection against when the worst happens if you or your loved ones get sick or die unexpectedly. But there are more insurance products available that can offer you greater peace of mind and security in an uncertain world, depending on your occupation or needs. Learn about some of the lesser-known products VillaNOVA offers and the advantages of having insurance.

Elite InspectInsure

Elite InspectInsure is a product totally dedicated to home inspectors. No matter how careful and professional an inspector might be, they can still be the subject of a lawsuit. Without Elite InspectInsure, the costs of a legal defense can be too great for some businesses to overcome.

Elite InspectInsure combines errors and omissions insurance with general liability to provide customized coverage to home inspectors against the most common claims in their industry. The main advantage of having insurance as a home inspector is coverage for legal fees, settlements, and third-party losses.

HomeStaging Guard

As a home stager, you may not be aware of the range of liabilities in your industry. Consider how your business could be impacted if it were found liable for damaged property or injuries related to the staging. The advantage of insurance is that you don’t have to worry about what might go wrong––you have protection.

HomeStaging Guard protects your business against an unpredictable world, offering:

  • General business liability
  • Customer property coverage
  • Protection for staging inventory and rental truck damage
  • Coverage for office and storage locations

You can focus on running your business instead of what might go wrong when you have insurance customized to your industry.

Employee Benefits Liability Insurance

Many businesses don’t realize they’re putting themselves at risk when they don’t have employee benefits liability coverage. The advantage of EBL insurance is that you don’t have to worry about your organization’s liability in cases of human error.

The most common need for EBL insurance is when there’s an administrative error in enrolling and delisting employees from benefits packages when they join and leave the company. Even a small mistake can create substantial liability for an organization.

HealthCare Pro

HealthCare Pro is specialized insurance for the home healthcare and eldercare industry. At VillaNOVA, our HealthCare Pro program provides end-to-end coverage for businesses operating in the home healthcare industry. Just a few aspects of your business that our insurance covers include:

  • Professional and general liability
  • Property and auto damages
  • Medicare surety bonds
  • Workers compensation

We designed HealthCare Pro to be a comprehensive product for healthcare businesses to simplify insurance shopping and protect against the most common liabilities.

When you work with a VillaNOVA broker, they’ll go the extra mile to offer protection against the most common claims in your industry with specialized products that deliver high-value advantages of having insurance.

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We’ve spent our careers working in insurance, and we know first-hand that it’s not a one-size-fits-all industry. Larger firms will never be able to offer the same service and customized products as a small, full-service insurance brokerage like VillaNOVA. We get to know our clients, their concerns, and coverage needs.

Our brokers take time to understand our clients’ lives, families, and businesses to match them with the ideal insurance products for their budget. VillaNOVA coverage delivers total peace of mind. We believe in ongoing, clear communication to ensure your insurance is working right for your needs. You’ll hear from our team all year round, not just when it’s time to renew.

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