What Insurance Do King of Prussia Architects Need?

Not all industries have the same insurance product requirements. Whether you’re launching a new architectural firm or considering changing insurance providers, working with an insurance brokerage provides you with expert guidance and insight. When you operate in a specialized industry the way architects do, you need to work with a broker who understands the nuances of the field. It takes expertise to provide architects with coverage that will protect them in every aspect of their business. King of Prussia insurance includes architect liability programs to protect you personally and professionally against the worst-case scenarios.

General insurance for architects

General liability provides coverage that safeguards your business when the worst happens. A broker will start every customized specialty insurance package with general coverage in case of property damage or medical costs due to injuries from the course of your work.

When looking for King of Prussia insurance products, start with general insurance and add industry-specific products for total coverage that provides complete peace of mind.

Business personal property insurance

The world is unpredictable, and you never know what might happen to your firm’s brick-and-mortar location. Without specific insurance to cover your furniture, computers, and other technology, you can suffer substantial losses when something damages them.

Specific business property insurance makes it possible to replace your property if it’s damaged or stolen so you can keep operating with minimal disruption.

Workers compensation

If your employees sustain injuries on the job, workers’ compensation ensures that they can get the care they need to feel better and to get back to work. It also minimizes the financial impact of any injuries sustained by leadership or your team. Your firm can stay on top of your current jobs while getting everyone back to 100 percent.

Maintain coverage while avoiding the rising costs of workers’ compensation by working with a broker for customized products.

Business auto coverage

Commuting to job sites and vendors requires company vehicles. Ensure that your architectural firm’s cars are protected against fender-benders, major accidents, even theft or vandalism.

Auto coverage for your business can be an unexpected expense. Still, a skilled King of Prussia insurance broker can ensure coverage for your work fleet without crippling your operational costs.

Umbrella coverage

Even when working with a broker to customize an insurance package, there may be gaps in your insurance coverage, leaving you with unanticipated expenses when the worst happens. An umbrella coverage policy provides the resources you need to recover from inclement weather, fire, flood, theft, vandalism, and more.

Professional liability

An unfortunate necessity for architectural firms is professional liability insurance, which protects you against claims of negligence by clients. While you may wish for every job to go according to plan and up to your expectations, mistakes and accidents can happen. Professional liability ensures that architects have the protection they need against litigious clients.

Third-party crimes coverage

Hiring good help is crucial to running an efficient business. Still, sometimes third parties may commit crimes while on the job, from theft to vandalism. Third-party crime coverage provides business owners extra peace of mind, eliminating liability for employees’ wrongdoings.

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Insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all industry, which is why we work with every client on an individual level to learn their concerns, needs, and budget. Our clients don’t just hear from us when it’s time to renew, but all year long to make sure the insurance products we’ve provided are living up to their expectations. When insurance falls short, we help to find alternative solutions. The VillaNOVA Insurance Partners team comes from diverse backgrounds to help clients across industries with insurance brokerage, business consulting, and accounting services.

Our specialty programs include property, general liability, workers’ compensation, and auto coverage for architectural and engineering firms. Contact our offices for King of Prussia insurance products for a quote.